Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Opening the Odysseum in Cologne, Germany

On April 2, 2009, SMG welcomed its newest facility to the SMG Network. The Odysseum, a premiere science center, opened to rave reviews in Cologne, Germany.
“The management of a science center represents a new and exciting area for SMG,” said John Sutherland, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of SMG Europe. “While somewhat of a departure from SMG’s more traditional lines of business, i.e. managing stadiums, arenas, theaters and convention centers, the fundamentals of SMG’s operational and marketing expertise still apply,” Sutherland added.

SMG is also providing food service at the facility through Savor, its food and beverage arm.

The whole concept of “edu-tainment,” i.e. making learning fun, inspired SMG’s approach to the facility. From the search for “Who Will be the Crazy Professor?” to the installation of the resident dinosaurs, SMG wanted to offer the very best in guest experiences.

In just its first ten days of operation SMG has welcomed approximately 14,000visitors. SMG will be involved in the opening of several other science centers in Germany in the near future.