Friday, December 11, 2009

SMG is Awarded Sioux Falls Contract Renewal

SMG, the nation's leading facility management company, was awarded a contract renewal for both the Sioux Falls Arena and the Orpheum Theater. The city of Siux Falls chose SMG over Global Spectrum, as both companies competed for the three-year contract. The city chose SMG through a competitive proposal process in which it says SMG presented the strongest bid to operate both facilities. The city says SMG was awarded the deal because it put forth a strong bid of financial incentives and has a long standing history of working with the city.

"We've had good experiences with them over the years of managing a 50-year-old Arena as well as the Orpheum Theater and we know they are very familiar with the buildings and operations," city planner Mike Cooper said.

SMG has managed the Arena since 1985, previously under the name Ogden Allied. The company began managing the Orpheum in 2003.

“SMG has a positive record of experience with both facilities,” Sioux Falls Mayor Dave Munson said in a press release. “No tenants or user groups expressed any dissatisfaction with the level of service and many endorsed SMG as a management company."

“I am also impressed with SMG’s commitment to the Orpheum Theater. They have invested considerable effort to turn that facility into a thriving center of activity for Sioux Falls,” the Mayor continued, “This was a very strong proposal. We will immediately see a guaranteed cost savings to the city both this year and by contract in years to come.”