Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SMG in the News: Cobo rising: Reconstruction, end to corruption, new leaders form focus of ad campaign

Crain's Business has published an article featuring SMG's role in the transformation of the Cobo Center in Detroit, MI. Some highlights:

The new and improving Cobo Center is also part of the sell now, said Bob Baumgart, general manager of the Detroit office of Dallas-based Freeman, a global exhibit services company.

"Honestly, the facility improvements are helping the whole city, plus the PR going out (saying) things are improving," Baumgart said. "It's been a 100 percent turnaround as far as (Cobo) people working with Freeman."


"In the past, exhibiting at Cobo was difficult and costly. Our experience this year was completely the opposite," said Ropp. "Since SMG and Thom took over, customer service stepped up substantially.

Read the rest of article here.