Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seven SMG Theaters Top Charts

Seven SMG-managed Venues listed in the Top 100 Theater Venues Worldwide Ticket Sales according to the Pollstar Midyear Report.

They are:
#19 Landmark Theatre, Richmond, VA
#20 Moran Theater, Jacksonville, FL
#45 Hanover Theatre, Worcester, MA
#58 Plaza Theatre, El Paso, TX
#69 Peoria Civic Center Theater, Peoria, IL
#73 DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids, MI
#92 Terrace Theater, Long Beach, CA

Dan Spellens, SMG's Director of Theaters & Entertainment, commented on his approach to operating a top-notch theater in Long Beach, CA: 
In a marketplace inundated with owned-and-operated venues by Live Nation, AEG Live / Goldenvoice, and Nederlander concerts, we (in no particular order) ...
  1. Make certain that we are in regular contact with our content providers / partners;
  2. Constantly seek to develop new content providers / partners;
  3. Ensure that we are up-to-date with all of the artists' representatives relative to their artists' availability;
  4. Foster strong and lasting relationships with our content providers / partners, artist representatives, and artists;
  5. Make our venues as comfortable financially as is feasible for our content providers / partners;
  6. Participate in all booking-related conference calls and all other opportunities presented by SMG Corporate to move the business forward; and
  7. Present a clean, polished, well-run, and user (all users) friendly facility for all (the City of Long Beach, our content providers / partners, our performing artists, and our patrons) under any and all circumstances.