Monday, May 12, 2014

SMG and McConnell Valdés Form Joint Venture: SMV Advisors

San Juan, PR – Monday, May 12, 2014 – SMG, the world leader in facility
management, and McConnell Valdés Consulting, an affiliate of McConnell Valdés LLC, one of the nation’s largest Hispanic owned law firms and Puerto Rico’s leading law firm, have joined forces to create SMV Advisors, a venue consulting and event promotion company. This new venture will draw on SMG’s success in Puerto Rico and its 37 years of experience in managing facilities around the world, plus on McConnell Valdés Consulting’s expertise in project management, financing, development and marketing of mixed-use real estate projects in Puerto Rico and Latin America.
“We have enjoyed more than a decade of successful operation at the two premiere entertainment facilities in Puerto Rico: the Coliséo de Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico Convention Center. Additionally, we manage Bahía Urbana, an urban park, as well as provide food and beverage service at the Antiguo Casino. These operations and facilities have become the industry standard in the region,” stated SMG President and CEO Wes Westley, “we are now interested in expanding our knowledge and success to Latin America and the Caribbean. McConnell Valdés, given their market knowledge and unrivaled expertise, is the perfect partner to further this goal.” 
“When conceptualizing this venture we knew from the start that we would only work with a company of SMG’s pedigree with their outstanding credentials, and the international scope of their expertise. Combined, the company that we have created will be the valuable resource that cities and countries throughout Latin America are looking for,” stated Harry Cook, President of McConnell Valdés Consulting. 

SMV Advisors is destined to become the most complete entertainment management company in Puerto Rico and Latin America. Already SMV Advisors is positioned to provide services in various municipal venues in Puerto Rico, and it is expected to provide services in Chile and Costa Rica in the near future. The opportunity for venue consulting in Latin America, caused by growing demand for entertainment venues and facilities, make this the perfect time to launch SMV Advisors.