Thursday, November 12, 2015

SMG Wins In Two Categories In Venues Today’s 2015 Hall of Headlines Awards

Conshohocken, PA (November 11, 2015) - After receiving nominations in all five categories of the Hall of Headlines Awards, SMG took home awards in two: News and Ops & Tech. Doug Thornton, SMG Executive VP, and Regional VPs Steve Tadlock and Michael Krouse won the award from Venues Today’s News category, while Jim McCue, SVP, and John Bolton, VP, won for Ops & Tech.
Presented each year, the Hall of Headlines Award is Venues Today’s most prestigious honor. Awards are given in five different categories: News, Booking, Marketing, Ops & Tech, and Concessions. Recipients are nominated and elected by Venues Today readers, and the awards are given to the candidates who have made a difference in the facilities industry during the year.
The News honor was given to Doug Thornton, Steve Tadlock, and Michael Krouse for leading the effort in winning the contract for the iconic Los Angeles Greek Theatre. After many months of work in an extremely competitive process that was covered by national media, SMG was awarded the contract from the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.

SMG’s Jim McCue and John Bolton were awarded the Ops & Tech honor for developing a specialized tool that allows SMG facilities to attain higher and consistent standards and results, with a dedicated web-based intranet marketing support services site. Along with the specialized tool, McCue and Bolton also started a company-wide Best Practices program. In order to effectively integrate the Best Practices program and adequate corporate oversight of facility marketing via a network of Regional Directors of Marketing that serve 68 arenas, 61 theaters, and 13 stadiums in the SMG network, SMG utilizes the intranet website as a central repository for the best practices programs, sample venue marketing plans, sales plans, press releases, social media plans, public relations plans, media-buying contracts, operating standards and more.