Thursday, July 1, 2010

BOK Center Recognized At International IT Awards Ceremony

The BOK Center (Tulsa, OK) was recently recognized at the ComputerWorld Honors Program in Washington, D.C. ComputerWorld Honors Program is a prominent ceremony that documents the achievements made in organizations that implement IT in the workplace. IJ Rosenblum, senior manager of technology, represented the BOK Center after it was nominated by the ComputerWorld board and asked to attend.

“We have a great infrastructure in the BOK Center which will allow us to look at emerging technologies and how they are used in marketing and end-user customer experience,” said Rosenblum. “This infrastructure, I believe, is the basis for how new buildings should be built and will act as a blueprint for SMG in approaching the technological concerns of our day to day business.”

This year, BOK Center is one of the 151 Laureates honored among 21 countries. ComputerWorld Honors Program, governed by the Computerworld Information Technology Awards Foundation, announced BOK Center’s case study for the “Fifth-Best-Selling Arena in U.S. Builds Its Networking Foundation to Consolidate Voice, Data, and Video IP Infrastructure—Helping to Attract Customers and Boost Revenue.”